CRM Development


CRM developement

Customers are the most important factor of any company, and relationship with a new prospective customer is even more important. CRM is the way to maintain that relationship with the customers that includes practices, strategies and technologies to manage and analyze customer interactions. Solutions from the Customer Relationship Management or CRM software applications have always played an important role in the overall business growth of many Businesses.

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At XL Acess, we understand our client’s business logic and have successfully provided them with specific-tailored made solutions with custom CRM development. We perform a deep study of

  • Our client’s industry.
  • Business process and various other factors
  • Business insight

This enables us to design a customized solution absorbing all the tools and modules necessary for one’s specific business. More importantly, we design a solution, which is robust and reliable and that allows our clients to manage every corner stone of their business effectively and efficiently.


We Make Things Easier for You

Check Out

The Checkout is a CRM payment plugin for WordPress, ClickFunnels, and other platforms. With Unify you can receive credit card payments directly through or Konnektive CRM with many more supported CRMs coming soon.


CMS is a hosted platform for businesses to build and manage their Compliant Pages and Funnels. Featuring PCI Compliant Web Hosting, Free SSL Certificates, Reporting Tools, Prebuilt Themes, and built-in integration for, Konnektive, and other third-party CRM’s; it’s hard not to choose Unify CMS as your all-in-one solution for direct response.


The Framework is a flexible tool for building eCommerce landing pages quicker and more efficiently. With powerful built-in features such as Campaign Management, Funnel Configuration, CRM integration, tracking, and more. We can build any type of page to fit your purpose.